Pokémon GO: Plan Ahead For Best Your Hunting Experience

Game strategy is all well and good, but if you’re serious about a game like Pokémon GO you need real world plans as well. When you’re ready for the “GO” part, there are some logistics to consider to make the most of your trips out hunting.

Since we know Pokémon spawning volume is based upon population density, the best place to find the most Pokémon are highly populated areas. Basically: More People = More Pokémon. That means if you want to maximize your time and effort playing this game, you need to head toward more major gathering places. The end result of a well planned trip to a local hot spot can be amazing… However, a poorly planned jaunt can leave you feeling more frustrated and disappointed than excited and accomplished. So here are some tips for folks getting ready for their first trips out hunting!


Comfortable shoes will of course keep you walking, but don’t focus so much on how much you might be walking that you forget where you’ll be walking. Is it hot or cold? Dry or damp? Sunny or windy? Muggy or buggy? If you’re not sure, layers, pockets, and a backpack will be your best friends.

Where I live in the Midwest it’s been really hot and humid these last few weeks, and moisture-wicking clothes have been such a bonus when hunting. Umbrellas can also be nice, but clunky, for blocking rays or rain, so you may want to opt for a hat instead.

One evening with sayNERD Daddy at our favorite hunting grounds, a quick drop in degrees plus the general dampness of this summer, led to a surprisingly cold situation. All of the sudden, I was super distracted by my chattering teeth, which when you’re trying to focus (not to mention use your fingers) is obviously no good! I haven’t left on a hunting trip without layers and cover since; even if I end up leaving them in the car, getting supplies will only take a few minutes out of my excursion as opposed to having it end up a bust altogether.


Similar to choosing the right clothing for the elements, you’ll want to make sure you’re protecting your body in other ways as well. For the outside, that means using sunscreen if you’re out in the day, even if it’s cloudy. It also means using some sort of bug repellent if, like me, you tend to get chomped on by every type of biting insect around during the warmer months.

For the inside, it means bringing along enough water to stay hydrated (side note: you may need to factor in bathroom breaks depending on how much you’ll be drinking!) Also, if you’re going to be out a while consider packing snacks, too. Making sure you have enough good food and beverages will help you keep you focused and energized.

Also, if you have any health conditions, like say crazy allergies and asthma like yours truly, bring your meds with you! Around here parks are not smoke-free, so tricky weather conditions combined with smoke (and scents) have had me reaching for my inhaler every time.

Not being able to function does not bode very well for hunting success. So when you’re in a hurry to get to your hunting destination, take the time to remember that taking care of yourself affects you now and later. It’s pretty simple: When you avoid getting tired, achy, or even injured, you can enjoy more happy hunting, more often.


One of the most frustrating things that can happen while you’re Pokémon hunting is when anything shuts down your mojo. You finally found that sweet spot where Pokémon are popping left and right – and then something gets in the way. Sometimes it’s feeling crummy because you weren’t prepared for the challenges we’ve already discussed. Other times it’s… technical difficulties!

In the early days the game was constantly glitching, and there’s nothing to be done about that. However, server stability has been pretty reliable at the time of this post, so now what you need most is a way to keep your phone powered up. Enter the power stick. You can find a basic block for pretty cheap (we got some on sale at our local Aldi for $10 the week after Pokémon GO launched!) Should you choose to go more hardcore, there are increasingly large and tough versions as well (of course sayNERD Daddy invested in a waterproof behemoth of a block later on.) Either way, just remember to bring your fully charged block with you (and don’t forget the your charging cord!)

If you’re driving, make sure you have a way to power up in the car as well, just in case. Losing power when you’re engrossed in game play hurts so very, very much on the inside. For seasoned gamers, this is a no brainer. For me, it would’ve even crossed my mind until it was too late if it hadn’t been for the know-how of my gamer guy.

Also, if you’re going to be hunting in the dark, you may want to bring a flashlight. Most places where there are lots of people are well-lit. That said, if you find yourself in the outskirts of a park trying to track down the one that got (or is getting) away, you’ll be glad you have some extra light to find your way back where you came from. Yes, you could use the flashlight on your phone, but then you’d be risking extra strain on your battery and, depending on your model, an interruption of game play. Priorities, people!


In my experience, the Pokémon GO crowd is one of the nicest, coolest, most helpful, most diverse group of strangers I’ve ever had the pleasure of hanging around. Please, don’t be the one a–hole in the bunch. When you join others, leave your worries behind, and bring the love – because that’s what everyone else out enjoying this phenomenon is doing, too.

Yes, there may be reasons to get irritated, but one of the best things you can do to prepare for hunting with the masses is to put on a happy face, and check a bad attitude elsewhere. People will stop in front of you – walk around. People may get excited about catching a Pokémon you’ve already evolved ten times over this week alone – shoot them a congratulatory smile anyway. Kids may be all around getting in on the action – set a good example.

If you’ve been playing this for a while you already know that some growing pains have made the game emotionally challenging at times, but overall it’s really freaking fun. So don’t spoil it for the rest of us. Remember, as the saying goes:

If you run into an a–hole in the morning, you ran into an a–hole. If you run into a–holes all day, you’re the a–hole.

Words to live by, my friend. Words. To. Live. By.



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