Pokémon GO: Best Places To Hunt In Southeastern Wisconsin

Between sayNERD Daddy and me, we’ve been to a decent amount of places in Southeastern Wisconsin since downloading Pokémon GO. Our search areas have gone as far North as Sheboygan, as far South as Racine, as far West as Madison, and all the way over to the Lakefront. While we’ve noticed some differences in the types of Pokémon we can find depending on the location, for us what’s been more important is the range and volume plus Pokétops in any one spot. The places with all that going for them are the ones we have had the best times visiting. If you’re in our area, we suggest you have a go at them, too.


A few weeks back I spent some time just hanging out downtown. I know I’m talking about a pretty large area here, but walking around down there isn’t unheard of. I trekked from places like the Lincoln Memorial to the Art Museum to Veterans Park before heading West. There were a decent amount of Pokémon spawning, and the types did seem to change here and there (especially closer to the water). The Pokéstops were around, but they were pretty spread out. My kilometers definitely added up, though, so it was a fairly decent trip all around.


I’ve been lucky enough to go to the zoo weekly for about the last month. I’ve noticed that you can find a mix of very common and slightly less common Pokémon there – but they haven’t seemed to change up much from week to week. That’s not a bad thing if you want to stock up on Pokémon to transfer and evolve, but if you’re looking for something new and exciting you might want to try elsewhere. There are a couple of gyms and a few Pokéstops to stock up at, and of course the amount of walking you’re doing is great for egg-hatching. Just make sure you think twice about using the free wifi; it hasn’t been stable enough for me to use without the risk of losing my connection during game play.


Now I know this isn’t exactly Southeastern Wisconsin, but it’s a stones throw if you’re serious about finding more places to GO. As I’m sure you can imagine, the area around the Capitol has a lot to offer. You’ve got your Pokéstop action plus a nice volume of people (which means a good number of Pokémon). So if you’re in the mood for a trip to Madison, plan accordingly, and you should have a pretty good outing.


A few blocks West from the Lakefront is the Riverwalk, and considering how close they are the difference is pretty drastic. As strange as it may seem, water Pokémon were more plentiful for me there at the river than they were on the lake. Also, Pokéstops are closer way together – and there are a lot more of them. If you’re tight on time, or you’re specifically looking for a place to activate the 10 Pokéstop in 30 minutes trick, the Riverwalk is a fantastic option.


This. Is. It. Seriously, we have yet to find a better place around town to hunt Pokémon. Every time we’ve gone (which has been a lot at this point), we’ve been able to rack up tons of steps, supplies, and Pokémon. The park has a bunch of Pokéstops along a walking path, but it’s not just that. Because people are so into this nicely kept park with a lake view, lures are set on almost all of the stops, all of the time. Pokémon spawn constantly, and the super diverse crowd is friendly to everyone. People call out the names of Pokémon as they spawn to help each other out; it’s not uncommon to see a group of people fleeing to one area as word makes it down the park of this or that having just popped in another location.

There’s also an area we call “The Pit” at the bottom of steps leading down a mini waterfall. In The Pit, if you sit in a spot just so, you can hit three Pokéstops right there, all at the same time. So if you’re not interested in walking the long length of the park back and forth to get a series of steps or stops, you can pop a squat in The Pit and just keep spinning stops while you let the Pokémon come to you. I’ve seen every kind of person at every age and every stage at hunting Pokémon at Lake Park. I’ve gotten countless supplies while there, and leveled up countless times afterwards. The only downside compared to some other options is that it has park hours, so be prepared to be kicked out at 10:00 PM. Other than that,  if there is one place we recommend hunting, this is it.

UPDATE: Not too long after writing this post, sayNERD Daddy got hip to some sad news over on reddit. Apparently some of the residents who frequent or live near Lake Park are not too happy about the Pokémon situation – and have complained to the county, who in turn complained to the creators. While I understand the concerns of all involved, I of course hope that the situation is revolved in a way that keeps people coming to all county parks in search of fitness, fun, or both a la Pokémon.


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