Took A Break, Wrote A Book

You may have noticed a bit of an absence lately. Well… I wrote a book! (Actually I wrote two!)

How did it all happen? To be honest I’m not 100% sure. I mostly remember thoughts and phrases turning over in my head and felt compelled to write it down – when I did, I realized I potentially had something there. Sometimes what I have is a blog post. Sometimes it’s nothing! This time it was a children’s book.

So as I’m sure you’d guess, I started the research process. While I was taking time between revisions, I was finding out what the publishing world was about, what kind of contacts I had, and what kind of options. You see, having the content is a very small part of having a story to tell the world and actually getting it out there. Some day after I’ve worked my way through the experience and had some time to reflect, I’ll have to write up what I learned from it all!

For now I’d like to show you what I’ve got to share. I hope you find something worth your while, or even worthy of a share!


While I love this site, it’s really meant to be a blog space. I realized that I also needed a landing page for my growing collection of projects. Enter


The story that started me down this children’s book path is called, What I Can Do With My ‘Do! It’s a book about hair, yes, but also about self-love.


After writing and illustrating a very personal book for children of color, I found myself working with a broader theme. My Superhero Me is about finding bravery even when you’re most scared. While the story may be more universal, it continues to celebrate diversity by with illustrations featuring a range of skin tones.


This is definitely an area I need to develop in! You can find an official Shawn Sayner page on Facebook and a sayNERD Mama profile on Twitter. I need to get consistent, and I have a couple of other things in the works, but for now it’s a start! I hope to connect with you here, there, or everywhere!



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